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Spring Fever

Saturday’s Workout: run – 2.5-3 miles Sunday’s Workout: outdoor bike ride – 25 miles This has been an unbelievable weekend of gorgeous weather.  For a minute, we skipped winter and moved on to spring.  It inspired a lot of people … Continue reading

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Rest Day = Fun Day

Friday: Rest day! So since I free myself of a workout obligation on Fridays, I open myself to a nice, leisurely end of the week celebration.  Which looked about like this: Beers with friends at our favorite local brewery, The … Continue reading

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Back to Pounding the Pavement…

Thursday’s Workout – run to gym and back – roughly 2.5 miles?  and CSI Good morning!  I am still trying to work out my blog schedule…I really wanted to blog last night but we cooked such a nice dinner and … Continue reading

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Recipes…ask and you shall receive!

Wednesday Workout – cycle – endurance So I have received some feedback from some wonderful readers and the overwhelming response is that you want recipes.  I have been working on that and here’s the deal:  if it’s “linkable”, i.e. if … Continue reading

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Cycle Love

Monday’s Workout: cycle – interval Tuesday’s Workout: cycle – strength; CSI (weights with cardio intervals) A few words about indoor cycling:  It’s obviously a passion.  It has changed my life.  It inspired a new hobby (outdoor cycling).  This class is … Continue reading

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Catching Up

Wow.  My life got busy there for a few days.  I’ll just hit the highlights since my last post: Thursday’s Workout: cycle (with best playlist EVER.  Music makes such a difference!!) Friday: REST.  Friday is always my rest day.  I … Continue reading

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Size Really Does Matter…

Today’s Workout:  cycle – strength (cranking the resistance really high and standing out of the saddle for entire class – or, in true cyclist nomenclature:  climbing) So, tonight in cycle class, while we’re huffing away, dripping sweat, and in general … Continue reading

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