Back in the Saddle

Since I have been blogging for about one day, most of you would have no way of knowing that I have been forced to take a two-week+ hiatus from my regular workout routine.  This is thanks to 1.) a temporary immune system error and 2.) a subsequent effort from Mother Nature to make me rest – in the form of lots of gym-closing snow.  As of this past Sunday, I have returned to some semblance of a  regular schedule.  So, here’s a recap:

SUNDAY:  run (for the first time since…ooh…this fall) – 2.5-3 miles

MONDAY:  cycle – endurance (keeping heart rate low and exercise level anaerobic)

TUESDAY:  cycle – interval (alternating short, intense bursts of speed/increased resistance with brief recovery time), CSI (“cardio/strength interval” – fancy name for “insane numbers of reps/sets with weights combined with insane-r intervals of cardio)

My second womb - the cycle studio

Tonight I was lucky to get a shot of dinner before I inhaled it.  I was ready to eat my arm.  So here’s a recap of the last 24 hours of eats, starting from dinner tonight and working back.  Bear with me – my posts won’t usually be this long:

Chicken and Mushroom Quesadillas with Kale

This was a yummy treat out of Ellie Kreiger‘s “So Easy”.  The recipe called for spinach but I had some kale left over from a previous dish (you’ll see below) so I subbed it in instead.  De-LISH.  Read all about the health benefits of kale here.  And then, imagine how healthy I must be now as you continue to read about my meals the last couple of days…so much for moderation (ha!).

Lunch today was a lemony lentil and kale soup along with a mini apple-cheddar turkey meatloaf.  Are you sensing a theme here?

My mid-morning snack was a cup of pineapple Chobani Greek Yogurt.  Greek yogurt is not only creamier and, in my opinion, more delicious than regular yogurt, it also has up to three times the protein.  And protein fills you up and holds you over longer, important for snacks.


Breakfast was an egg and cheese sandwich on an Earth Grains Thin Bun.  A word about breakfast:  eat it!!  It starts your day off right and gets your metabolism going.  And try to incorporate some protein in there when possible.  I personally have to put something in my belly within 20 minutes of rolling out of bed or I am ILL.  And coffee?  Fa-ghet about it.  Not til I have something in my stomach.  But I do indeed allow myself one fill of my trusty to-go mug of coffee every morning.  I’m a sipper so I have to take it with me.  My work morning just doesn’t feel right if I don’t have my coffee in hand as I get started.


Aaaand continuing to rewind to last night’s dinner:

Kale Lasagna.  (Thanks, Susan!)  The last of the kale.  It came in a 16 oz bag, pre-washed and cut.  Have you ever dealt with whole, unwashed kale??  Yeah.  I’m not too proud to let someone else do that for me.  So 16 ounces I got.  I modified the recipe and just used our own homemade red sauce instead of the “diavolo” (tomato puree, red pepper, and garlic).  We make big batches of red sauce and put it in sandwich-size ziplocs and freeze for later use.  We’ll pull them out for anything from pasta dishes to homemade pizza.  Yum!

So I think that about does it for a summary of my last 24 hours.  Given my 1000+ calories burned tonight, I am more than ready to hit the sack.  I’m so happy and thankful to be back in the gym!  It’s amazing how taking a couple of weeks off will throw everything out of whack.  I look forward to a good, sound sleep tonight.

How long have you been working out regularly?  What differences do you notice when you have to break your routine for any significant amount of time?

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