Catching Up

Wow.  My life got busy there for a few days.  I’ll just hit the highlights since my last post:

Thursday’s Workout: cycle (with best playlist EVER.  Music makes such a difference!!)

Friday: REST.  Friday is always my rest day.  I changed it to Fridays a few years ago and it just works for me.  I think of it as my reward to myself for a long week of commitments.  I used to use a weekend day for my rest day but it’s so easy to squeeze a workout in on a day you don’t have to work.  Friday rest days are great because you can do things like head straight to happy hour with friends after work…a real treat after a week of heading straight to the gym.

Saturday’s Workout: uh, dance party!!  At a friend’s mountain house so we celebrated.  And my quads were sore on Sunday so it counts.  ;0)  My usual Saturday morning workout is cycle but I was supposed to work so that didn’t happen.

Sunday: I was exhausted from the weekend…didn’t sleep well Saturday night.  My body was saying it just needed a nap.  So I listened.

And a few good meals along the way:

Thursday’s lunch was a salad with spinach, leftover acorn squash, dried cranberries, feta, and toasted pumpkin seeds.  I love using seasonal fruits and veggies on salads.  I also had some left over mango so I whipped up a mango salsa…

…and had that along with some blue tortilla chips to round out the meal.

Friday’s meals were…meh.  Mostly leftovers and not worth pictures or descriptions.

Saturday we treated ourselves to breakfast out.  Joe had been out of town all week and we wanted to celebrate his return.  Going out to breakfast is so nice, and usually less expensive than dinner out.  We decided to check out a new restaurant by the name of Boca.

Boca's breakfast menu. A nice variety with a Mexican twist!

I had the “Huevos Montulenos” – eggs over medium on corn tortillas with black beans, ham, peas, topped with sauteed plantains, queso fresco, and tomato-jalapeno salsa.  YUM. And Joe couldn’t resist trying the Mexican Bloody Mary.  We both agreed that it was just alright.  Missing something but we couldn’t figure out what.  All in all, it was a great meal.

After breakfast, we ran around getting ourselves ready for an overnight trip up to Beech Mountain, a ski town about an hour and a half away.  A friend of ours has a family lodge up there and we were ready for a fun party!

We all contributed something to dinner:  here’s what my meal ended up looking like:

Homemade cornbread, a delicious salad, and a vegetarian chili.  This was such an interesting chili recipe – it used walnuts instead of meat.  It was SO GOOD.  Let me know if you are interested in the recipe, I can try to get it for you from the friend that brought it.

Breakfast on Sunday is unpictured – but it was great.  The hosts made an egg casserole, accompanied by contributions of fresh fruit and sweet potato muffins.

We stopped for lunch on our way back home on Sunday.  Again, no pictures – I had a build-your-own individual pizza with spinach, red onions, garlic, and Italian sausage.  Joe had fried chicken with collards and mashed potatoes.  He will not pass up a chance at a good Southern meal!

We got back home late yesterday afternoon and both just crashed for a nap.  Woke up around 5:00 and headed to the grocery for our weekly trip.  I didn’t do meal planning – sometimes Joe just wants to do simple, three-part (protein, carb, veggie) meals without a lot of recipes.  So that will be on tap this week.  Last night’s dinner was simple and delicious:

Broiled salmon, asparagus and aspiration (a new veggie to me, Joe spied it in the produce section and wanted to try it – also known as broccolini), and a black bean/quinoa blend.  He seasoned the salmon with olive oil, lemon juice, and sage.  I threw some quinoa and black beans together and added fresh cilantro, lime juice, cumin, and salt and pepper.  It turned out well.

I have the day off work today…snow this morning made the roads treacherous for school buses.  We will have to make it up this Saturday – ugh.  And they say there is more snow on the way tomorrow.  Looks like I will have lots of blog time coming up!  Stay tuned.

What new foods have you tried lately?  What resources do you go to when learning how to prepare something new and different?

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