Back to Pounding the Pavement…

Thursday’s Workout – run to gym and back – roughly 2.5 miles?  and CSI

Good morning!  I am still trying to work out my blog schedule…I really wanted to blog last night but we cooked such a nice dinner and I just wanted to hang with my man.  So here I am this morning with yesterday’s events!

Just to delve into yesterday’s workouts a little…I haven’t been running in a WHILE.  But I realized yesterday that the Cooper River Bridge Run is in about two months.  Or, about eight weeks!  This is the event that started my (modest) running career.  I had just met Joe, we had been dating for about five months, and he and a bunch of folks were planning to go down and run it.  I had never run a step in my life.  I was invited to come along.  The trip to Charleston and the party that was sure to be included was enticing, but I did NOT want to go and sit on the sidelines while everyone else ran.  So I started training in mid February for an April 1st six-mile run.  And I did it!  Without stopping!  Granted, my time was slow, but I was so proud of myself.  And so we’ve done it almost every year since.  I have family that lives in Charleston and my Dad and brother run too, so we all go down there and it is indeed a great party.

So with the beautiful weather yesterday and a fairly early class that allowed a run home while it was still light outside, I ran to the gym.  I’m lucky to only live just under a mile and a half away.  The run felt good – it was just nice to be outdoors.  The way there was a little easier, mostly downhill.  The way home…well….let’s just say I *shuffled* up the big hill but then was able to run the rest of the way fairly easily.  I was so happy when I got home!  (Pardon the terrible picture of me – Joe was like, “You want me to take a picture of you?  Looking like that??” Hey.  We can’t be beautiful after a workout, or we didn’t work hard enough!) In between runs to and from the gym, I participated in my weight training class, CSI.  CSI stands for “cardo-strength intervals”.  It is very similar to Les Mills’ Body Pump classes, but without the exact same equipment and music/weight tracks.  But the concept is the same:  fairly high number of reps with relatively light weights.  You get three different sets of weights – light, medium, and heavy (whatever that is for you).  I use 5lb for my lights, 6lb for my medium, and 8lb for my heavy.  Those all sound light but we’re doing 20, 16, and 12 reps for each exercise.  So they get heavy fast!  In between sets of lifting, we do intense, one or two minute cardio bursts such as squat jumps, lateral shuffle, jumping jacks, mountain climber, or burpees.  It’s a great class and a great group of regulars that always show up.  LOVE my YWCA!  I cannot say enough about how it has helped change my life and made me a happier, healthier, more confident woman.

On to yesterday’s meals:  Breakfast was another oatmeal concoction:  multi-grain blend with apples, cranberries, cinnamon, and a touch of brown sugar.  I used a splash of skim milk to cream it up.

Pardon the poor picture.  Mid-morning snack was a special treat:  this yogurt is sooooo good.  Super creamy and delicious.  And not low-fat.  But very worth the 200+ calories on an occasional basis (moderation, moderation, moderation!).  I enjoyed every smooth, creamy spoonful.  🙂


Lunch was a salad with spinach, black beans, and avocado, sprinkled with flax seeds.  Read about the nutritional value of flax seeds here.  I usually grind them but I was in a rush yesterday morning trying to get my lunch made and get out the door.  I accompanied the salad with Swiss lace cheese and Back to Nature Poppy Thyme crackers.  Note the size of the cheese – about an ounce, or one serving.  I use mental pictures of things to help me gauge portions.  An ounce of cheese is about the size of 4 dice (die?).  It really helps me to keep my calories under control.  Another mental picture:  a serving size of lean meat is about 4 oz, or about the size of your fist.  Same with a side of, say, brown rice.  Fists and dice.  Who knew?!  😉


On to dinner:  Barefoot Contessa’s carmelized butternut squash.  One word:  divine.  I halved the recipe and still have leftovers.  Those babies will go on a salad for lunch!

These roasted Brussels sprouts are a favorite of ours.  We probably eat them at least every other week.  I originally got the recipe out of a Barefoot Contessa cookbook but it’s so easy, we never use the recipe anymore.  I will still post it for my fabulous readers.  😉  If you haven’t been a Brussels fan before, I highly encourage you to try these.  They have been known to convert many a skeptic!

And, to complete the meal, a beautifully grilled bone-in pork chop.  These were on sale this week in the butcher case and are always so fairly-priced anyway, we just couldn’t pass them up.  We are year-round grillers, but the wet stuff falling out of the sky has put a damper (ha!) on our grilling.  Last night, just because it was dry, we celebrated with grilled meat.  Joe seasoned them with Pineapple Head, a Dizzy Pig rub that was originally designed for grilled fruit, but it went well with the pork.  I was turned on to Dizzy Pig rubs by a fellow blogger and friend, and they are delicious.  You can’t buy them in stores, or at least not around here (and we’ve got some foodie stores!).  Check the link for online ordering.  We just got the sampler and were thrilled with every one of the rubs.  Trying to decide which ones to order in full size.

Well, this gal needs to head to work!  TGIF…even though tomorrow brings another snow make-up Saturday.  Boo.  Have a great Friday, everyone!  And a great weekend, in case I’m not back til Sunday.  😉

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