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Keeping Sane

So you may notice that I did not start this post out with a recap of recent workouts.  Well uh, that’s because I’m on workout lockdown until further notice from my ear doctor.  You may recall from my last post … Continue reading

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Potluck, Pilates, and Life-Changing Surgery

Wednesday’s Workout:  cycle – strength Thursday’s Workouts:  Pilates; run 2 m Thursdays are my day to work the late shift, meaning I don’t start work until noon.  I took advantage of my free morning by trying a new class at … Continue reading

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Back to The Grind and Food Yumminess

Sunday’s WorkoutS:  run – 3.5 miles (oops, was just going for 3); cycle – interval Monday’s Workout:  cycle – strength Tuesday’s Workout:  run – 2.6 miles For those of you that are wondering, I have made a miraculous return to … Continue reading

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An Off Week. Back on Track Today.

Wednesday’s Workout: I didn’t get a bike for cycle class 😦 – this, in addition to Survivor night festivities, gave me an (POOR) excuse to not work out Thursday’s Workout: run 2.5+ miles – fartleks Friday:  REST Saturday’s Workout: uh…gettin’ … Continue reading

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Insomnia, Book Club, and Survivor (not all in one night)

Monday’s Workout:  cycle – interval Tuesday’s Workout:  run 2.5 m So, I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about insomnia lately.  Not sure what’s going on but it seems to come up at least once a day recently.  There must … Continue reading

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Oh Yeah…I Have a Blog! Catching Up, Cycling, and a Pseudo Valentine Dinner

Friday’s Workout:  REST Saturday’s Workout:  long, fast walk w/ dogs and hubby – NOT what was planned 😐 Sunday’s Workout:  20 mile bike ride, rolling hills Monday’s Workout:  cycle – interval So I took some time off blogging this weekend.  … Continue reading

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The Need for Speed – And the Struggle that Comes With It

Wednesday’s Workout: cycle – strength Thursday’s Workout: CSI; running – 2 m on treadmill, speed work So:  I don’t ♥ speed work.  I’m beginning to understand why I’ve never done it.  It’s freakin’ HARD!!!!  But, nothing worth doing is easy, … Continue reading

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