Cooking, Shopping, Running, Weight Training: A Day in the Life of a Not-So-Desperate-Wannabe-Housewife

Tuesday’s Workout: run – 2.6 miles; CSI – circuit

CSI tonight was fun – Nancy, the madwoman instructor, set up about 12 stations with different free weight exercises at each one.  We each started at one, performed the exercise for a minute (?  she was timing, not us…it felt much longer!), and moved to the next station for the same amount of time.  Once we had all moved through one time, we did many (maybe five??) minutes of high intensity cardio and then started all over again.  We went through the entire circuit twice in the hour we were there.  Fun stuff.  I love it when things get mixed up a little.  It challenges your muscles in new ways, so you can get over those plateaus.  As our muscles get used to one exercise, they become extremely efficient, and the building process ceases for the most part.  Same thing happens with doing the same type of cardio all the time…our bodies become extremely efficient and the energy expenditure/calorie burn slows.  This is why you get to the point in your routine that you are no longer seeing results.  It’s really good to switch things up at least every 12 weeks, or more often if you want.  As much as I love cycling, I’m kind of excited to get back to some running for this very reason.

Speaking of running:  I made a fun purchase today!

That’s right – a new pair of kicks!  😀  I ♥ new running shoes.  And now a word about professional fitting:  For my shoe shopping adventure, I went to the best running shoe store ever, Foot Rx.  The owner is a  Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy / Certified Pedorthist Director of Therapy Services.  Translated:  he is the man when it comes to fitting you correctly in a running shoe.  And his staff are similarly knowledgeable.  If you’re a Foot Rx virgin, they start off by putting you in a “neutral” running shoe and letting you hop on a treadmill with a little camera aimed at your feet and lower legs.  They record you running for about 30 seconds, and then play back the video in super-slow-mo to analyze your gait.  They discuss all the anatomical things your knees, legs, and feet are doing and what that means as far as what type of running shoe you need.  Then they bring out a variety of shoes that fit the bill for your trying-on pleasure.  You choose from there.  No pressure, no hassle.  Today, for me, they brought out several different brands in a neutral shoe (apparently I have a very “normal”, neutral, “correct” running kinesthetic).  I tried them all on and ended up going with my tried and true Sauconys.  I’ve run in Sauconys for years and really love them.  I had been in a stabilizing version (i.e. to keep me from over-pronating – recommended by a store that will remain nameless), but today I switched to the neutral version of the same shoe….because I don’t over-pronate.  😕  And today I ran like the wind!!  😉  In all seriousness, my run today really felt great.  I look forward to getting back into my running game.

On to today’s food.  I had a day off work for weather, which = a day in the kichen (well, and shopping).

Breakfast was a new twist on my regular oatmeal.  Multigrain mix with a couple of spoonfuls of Bob’s Red Mill 10-grain hot cereal, apples, almond butter, and fig preserves.  Very filling and satisfying.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture.  I could try and trick you with one of my existing oatmeal pics but I’m honest like that so I won’t.  😉

Then, I got the call that school was canceled, and my kitchen frenzy began.

It started with Fig Bran Muffins.  I just can’t even begin to describe how delicious these turned out.  I am a huge fan of both figs and bran, so this was a no-brainer.  I realized that I actually had all the ingredients on hand as I was menu planning for the week, except figs, so I picked up a bag of dried figs at the store.  It was serendipitous that I ended up with a day off to be able to bake these moist, sweet, flavor-loaded muffins.  I ate one, put three in a Tupperware for the rest of the week, and put the rest in the freezer for when I need a quick breakfast.  Although Joe will probably take care of those ASAP.  🙄

Next, I decided to go ahead and make the Rustic Roasted Salsa that will accompany the burritos that are on tomorrow night’s menu.  And of course, I needed to sample it to make sure it was suitable.  😉  Simply scrumptious.  This is such a great salsa recipe.  Word of caution:  it calls for dry roasting and then seeding and peeling a couple of jalapenos…WEAR rubber gloves!  I, of course, had no gloves, so improvised with sandwich-sized Ziploc baggies.  It worked alright.  I ended up getting frustrated with trying to peel the peppers with Ziploc baggies on my hands so I skipped that step and it turned out fine.  😛

This all took up most of my morning.  I ate leftover Ravioli Toss and a salad for lunch.

Arugula, avocado, tomato, onion, and toasted pumpkin seeds, topped with my home made balsamic vinaigrette.

I came back from shopping, took the new kicks for a spin, and then had about an hour before CSI, so I prepped for dinner.  When I returned, I put everything in the oven/on the stove and after WAY too long (my oven pretty much sucks), I had this yumminess ready to eat:

Red Quinoa with Roasted Butternut Squash.  My version isn’t nearly as pretty as the original, because I didn’t have red quinoa.  I subbed in regular quinoa and it was still delightful, just not quite as colorful.  I think the only difference between the two quinoas is that red is slightly crunchy.  This was such a satisfying meal and so healthy.  Bonus:  I used a “large” butternut squash and the recipe calls for a “smallish” squash, so I carmelized the extra to…you guessed it…put on a salad for lunch!  My favorite.

So.  I think I’ll have to work tomorrow.  But they’re calling for more snow tomorrow night, so I kind of anticipate another snow day on Thursday.  More time in the kitchen!  (Ahhh.  I think I could totally be a stay-at-home housewife, btw.)  Could be an interesting post on Thursday night….stay tuned!  🙂

If you are a runner, what shoes do you run in?  Do you stick with the same style/brand?  Have you ever been professionally fitted?

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2 Responses to Cooking, Shopping, Running, Weight Training: A Day in the Life of a Not-So-Desperate-Wannabe-Housewife

  1. Felicia says:

    It all looks delicious… and you MUST give me food photography tips. Ugh.. I am horrible at them!

    • Kat says:

      Thanks, Felicia! I’m definitely still a complete novice at food pics…the only tips I have would be to try and shoot in natural light when possible, use settings on your camera that focus at a shallow depth of field (i.e. the background blurs quickly), and don’t center your subject. That’s all I’ve got! See, not too helpful. 😕

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