An Off Week. Back on Track Today.

Wednesday’s Workout: I didn’t get a bike for cycle class 😦 – this, in addition to Survivor night festivities, gave me an (POOR) excuse to not work out

Thursday’s Workout: run 2.5+ miles – fartleks

Friday:  REST

Saturday’s Workout: uh…gettin’ my hair did + wine tastings?? lots of bicep curls there 😉

Today’s Workout:  I WILL RUN!!

Let’s just start off addressing the above: I’ve had a very “off” week.  Starting Tuesday night, I had something to do every single night of the week.  Tuesday was book club, Wednesday was Survivor Night, I worked until 8:00 PM on Thursday (new schedule, this will continue through June), and then of course Friday started the weekend.  Some weeks, it’s just really difficult to squeeze in time at the gym.  I can’t stand that I’ve had two unplanned rest days this week but, it is what it is.  Mostly, it’s a function of not planning ahead and not making working out a priority.  We all have those times, right?  The important thing is not to let it become a permanent change.  It’s a bump on the road, a blip on the screen, and it’s no reason to beat myself up.  I know that I will be back on track this coming week because I don’t have the additional obligations I had last week – or, at least I can plan better for the new, ongoing commitments that just started last week.  Last week just sort of snuck up on me and knocked me all out of whack.  On the bright side, and the one to focus on, I did manage to still get four workouts in despite my crazy week.  🙂

I did still manage to document some food highlights…

I think I mentioned in my last post that Wednesday night, I went to some friends’ to watch the season opener for Survivor.  This is such a fun concept:  there are 14 of us (seven couples) and we all rotate hosting each week.  The host fixes kind of a main dish and we all bring accompanying sides and a bottle of wine per couple.  We also add a fun incentive:  everyone puts $10 in the pot and then we draw names of the Survivors.  Whoever’s Survivor wins the season gets the money we put in.  There are always a few more Survivors than us, so the remaining names after everyone draws go into the “party pot”.  If a “party” Survivor wins, we use the money to throw ourselves a big party for the upcoming season.  This is what happened last season, and our party is next Wednesday.  We’ll use the money toward a gathering at a local restaurant here in town that has agreed to accommodate us with TVs and a fixed menu that the party money will cover.  Will share more about that afterward – it will be a blast.  Anyway, I didn’t get pictures of the food this past Wednesday night but it was delicious!  A Thai vegetable curry over rice noodles, a salad, bread, and a berry pie for dessert.  We’re so lucky to have such foodie friends!  🙂  I’ll share a recipe for a different Thai vegetable curry but it’s really yummy, too.

Breakfast Thursday was an unpictured bowl of shredded wheat & bran with fresh blueberries.  And half a grapefruit.

Lunch was a sandwich with hummus, red onion, red bell pepper, cucumber, avocado, and mung bean sprouts on an Earth Grains Thin Bun.  Accompanied by half an apple.

Pardon the un-picturesque baggies but this is how I have to roll on a day when I leave the house and don’t return til after 8:00 PM…snacks to hold me over.  Triscuits with an ounce of manchego and an couple of handfuls of peanuts.  This kept me satisfied until I got home around 8:30.  At which point, I was hit with a craving for stir fry…

So I whipped this up.  A head of broccoli, about 1/4 a red onion, 1/2 a red bell pepper, a carrot, approximately a cup of shredded chicken off the rotisserie chicken I picked up at the start of the week, a handful of mung bean sprouts, a few shakes of red pepper flakes, and two cloves of minced garlic.  I sauteed the garlic and onion in about a two tablespoons of wok oil for a couple of minutes, then added other vegetables.  As they were sauteeing, I poured in probably about three tbsps of low-sodium soy sauce, added the chicken, allowed it all to simmer for about a minute, and it was done.  Served it over brown basmati rice and called it a meal.  And I had enough for leftovers!  🙂

Breakfast Friday was 1/4 an apple with some plain Greek yogurt, a handful of granola, a drizzle of honey, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  This held me over to lunch no problem.

Lunch was a salad with spinach, shredded chicken (that rotisserie chicken has been handy!), bell pepper, carrot, cucumber, mung bean sprouts, and gorganzola cheese.  Topped with home made balsamic.

Friday afternoon/evening brought our regular festivities at our favorite local brewery…you guessed it – The Wedge.  A few highlights…

Ah, good times.  I love these people.  🙂

We followed the Wedge with a trip to a new place, Arcade Asheville.  I won’t give it a lot of space here…it could be a cool concept but the food is a coronary in the making.  Here’s the menu:

I think everything had bacon in it.  I shared the “Totchos” (nachos made with tater tots…yes, I know…when in Rome, right??  :oops:) with friends and split the Turkey Pesto Wrap, which actually wasn’t too bad.  It was the best I could do with what I was given, put it that way.  😉

Saturday morning brought beautiful sunshine and warm enough temps for dining al fresco, so this was the breakfast scene.  Grapefruit and egg sandwiches.  Saturday’s lunch was unpictured leftover stir fry.

Dinner at home last night…such a nice evening in after wine tastings Saturday afternoon.  Seared pork tenderloin with a rosemary, thyme, sage, garlic, olive oil, and pepper paste.  Served with roasted butternut squash and a spinach salad.  This was a great dinner, prepared together (he did the tenderloin, I did the squash and salad), for a nice evening in the kitchen.  We just watched a movie on the couch last night and it was really relaxing to just hang in.

Today is a lazy Sunday so far.  I have a run planned and maybe an additional cycle class as well (to make up for my unplanned rest days last week!  ha!).

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

How do you get back on track after an “off” week?


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