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Elated! And Sore…

Tuesday Workout:  run – 2.4 miles, CSI (back to weight training – yahhooo!  and, I’M SORE) Wednesday Workout:  cycle – endurance Thursday Workout:  SWIM!!! 25 minutes I cannot begin to describe the feelings of elation I experienced this morning as … Continue reading

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Vacay! And, Good News!!

Friday – REST (and drive to the beach!!) Saturday – run 4 – 4.5 miles Sunday – bike ride on the beach – 7 miles? last 1/2 was sprinting to beat the storm rolling in 🙂 Monday – cycle – … Continue reading

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Spring is Around the Corner…Vegetables Ahead

Monday’s Workout:  cycle – endurance Tuesday’s Workout:  run – 2.5 miles (+/-) Wednesday’s Workout:  cycle – strength Thursday’s Workout:  run – 3 miles So, did I mention that it’s been a busy week??  It has been difficult to even remember … Continue reading

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Lotsa’ Arm Twistin’ Goin’ On…Plus, Go Heels!

Saturday’s Workout:  run – 4.2 miles Sunday’s Workout:  planned – cycle; actual – rest Yesterday’s run was actually pretty good.  It was gorgeous outside, which definitely helped, and the temperature was comfortable bordering on warm.  Luckily there was a nice … Continue reading

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Picky Running, Lack of Planning, and Being OK with it All

Thursday’s Workout:  run – 2 miles Friday:  REST Thursday’s run was quick and easy.  It’s my day to go in to work late, so I had the morning to squeeze it in.  It felt good to be outside in the … Continue reading

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Excess Cornstarch, 10Ks, and Triathlons, Oh My!

Tuesday’s Workout:  run 3 miles (on treadmill – yuck) Wednesday’s Workout:  cycle – interval Feels so good to be back to the grind!  I hated to run on the treadmill Tuesday but I will just go ahead and say it:  … Continue reading

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Apology In Order. Plus, Family Cooking, Return to Workouts, and More.

Monday’s Workout:  cycle – strength  WHOHOOOOOO!!!!!! Yes, I’m back at it.  Went to the Doc this morning and he approved running, cycling, and light weight training.  Still no swimming but I’m just glad to be able to sweat and huff … Continue reading

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