Working Through It…Acceptance and the Silver Lining that Comes with It

Tuesday’s Workout: walk with Sadie

Wednesday’s Workout: hike through the woods with Sadie and Joe

Today’s Workout: walk with Sadie

OK, OK, I’ve accepted my plight and have decided to embrace it.  🙂  Thanks to a friend with a fresh perspective, I was reminded that “working out” doesn’t always have to mean pushing myself to my outer reaches of exertion.  Just moving around can suffice.  After a very rainy, dreary Monday spent sitting inside, Tuesday brought sunshine and a desire to get outside.  It’s actually been kind of nice – I’ve found myself doing things that I love to do but usually don’t because I don’t feel they’re “enough of a workout”.  Do you do this?? As an example, walking Sadie is a pretty low-impact affair…she’s slow and goofy and takes her sweet time.  So I usually find myself skipping it or at least not spending much time doing it because I also have to “get my workout in”.  This week, it’s been great to just accept that as my workout and go with it, spending all the time I want because I’m not trying to rush off to the gym.  Yesterday afternoon was another example – I took Sadie and went to the disc golf course with Joe and just walked the holes with him as he played.  It’s a hilly course through the woods, so it was pretty much like light hiking.  It was so beautiful!  I don’t usually take the time to do that because, again, I’m so focused on “getting a good workout in”.  So I think I can accurately say that this forced slow-down has allowed me to find time to do other things that are still very fulfilling, even though they aren’t at my typical rate of exertion.

We’ve had a nice week of meals, too, since less time at the gym = more time to cook!

Dinner Monday night was out of Ellie Krieger’s So Easy cookbook: Pasta Primavera.  This dish was chock full of veggies and was very light – no cream or butter.  Joe brought home the rare treat of a loaf of Whole Foods Prairie Bread and we had a great meal.  And there may or may not have been the requisite glass of wine.  😉

Breakfast Tuesday morning found me craving more protein (I guess after Monday’s carb-heavy dinner), so I made myself an egg and cheese sandwich on an Arnold Naturals 100% Whole Wheat and Flax Seed Sandwich Thin.

Lunch was leftover pasta, unpictured, and 1/2 an apple with almond butter.

Dinner Tuesday night was another creation out of So Easy: Pork and Mango Stir Fry.  This was an excellent dish, again, just brimming with veggies.  I would make a change to the recipe:  it called for 3/4 pound of snow peas and only one mango – I would cut the snow peas down to maybe 1/2 lb and increase the mango.  I might have had a small-ish mango, which could have made a difference.  If you have a really large one, it might be enough.  I personally love mangoes and they continue to be on sale at our grocery, so I find myself looking for new ways to use them.

Breakfast yesterday was the last of the plain Greek yogurt with strawberries (again, on sale at the grocery, and I guess in-season in FL?  SO GOOD), granola, and honey.

Lunch was spinach, black beans, avocado, and flax seeds over a bed of brown rice (leftover from the stir fry).  Accompanied by another piece of that yummy Prairie Bread and 1/2 an apple.

Dinner last night was at a restaurant for our annual Survivor Party.  The food was honestly anti-climactic and therefore, unpictured.  We have learned the hard lesson that good food and a restaurant with a TV do not generally go hand-in-hand.  Oh well.  It was fun to be with everyone!  Ed Boudreaux’s specializes in bayou-style BBQ and other smoked meats, so I ordered the smoked chicken platter with sides of mac and cheese and green beans.  It was just sort of…meh.  Like I said, you either get a TV or delicious food…rarely both.  We were focused on the TV last night.  😉

The crew reacting to the end of the show…oh!  The Emotion!  I do have to momentarily showcase the seriousness with which we watch and wager on this show:

…Our draft picks, with odds.  (I have to credit our newest Survivor club members with the odds…Emily and Jason went where we’ve never gone before!  They make us proud! 😉 )  So Joe has already temporarily lost his pick – Russel was voted off last night.  But, he goes to Redemption Island, not home, so he has a second chance to return to the show.  And he promised to do so as he left Tribal Council….

Sorry.  I must include some occasional Survivor dorkery because it’s a big part of my life right now.  😳

I’m off to walk the puppy before I have to report to the “late shift” for work.  It’s a beautiful day – enjoy it!

What fun/important activities do you sometimes neglect in favor of working out?  Or do you avoid this somehow?  How do you fit it all in??

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