Spring is Around the Corner…Vegetables Ahead

Monday’s Workout:  cycle – endurance

Tuesday’s Workout:  run – 2.5 miles (+/-)

Wednesday’s Workout:  cycle – strength

Thursday’s Workout:  run – 3 miles

So, did I mention that it’s been a busy week??  It has been difficult to even remember to photograph my food, much less post about my days.  I have been getting my workouts in though, which has been nice since coming back from my medical hiatus.  The running is feeling good…I think I’m going to do fine next weekend at the Bridge Run.  I won’t set any PRs, but I’ll finish and hopefully not too slowly.  😉

I’m home from work for the 2nd half of the day…it’s a Teacher Workday and I had half a trade day I needed to use, so here I am.  It’s probably the only way I am able to squeeze in a post this week.  A brief re-cap of the week:

Breakfasts have been either a bowl of fruit, Greek yogurt, granola, and honey, or….

…a bowl of cereal with fresh fruit and 1% milk.  Nothing too exciting.

Lunches have been salads or leftovers.  This salad was made up of a baby spinach blend, 1/4 of an apple, dried cranberries, gorganzola, and glazed pecans.

I hosted Book Club Tuesday night and made this Spring Vegetable Paella out of Moosewood Restaurant’s Low Fat Favorites cookbook.  It turned out great and was really easy and chock full of seasonal vegetables.  I am so looking forward to spring and summer tailgate markets!!  Asheville is full of them.  We’ve also talked about joining a CSA share (Community Supported Agriculture) this year.  It’s such a great way to get fresh produce and to support your local farmers.  Although I would miss the trips to the tailgate markets.  😉  They are so full of energy and happy people bustling about.  Asheville is lucky in that our tailgate markets feature way more than just vegetables…there are artisan breads, home-made cheeses, pastas, arts and crafts, and fresh seafood driven up from the coast the night before.  You can really get just about anything.  It’s one of my favorite Saturday morning activities in season.

The book club ladies…well, half the book club.  We tend to dwindle pretty regularly. 😉

Wednesday night was Survivor night and the meal was a plethora of yummy Indian food.  I forgot my camera but everything was delicious!!  I told everyone I wanted the recipes…if I get them I will post them.  There was a Veggie Masala, Spicy Cauliflower, Coconut Milk Soaked Roasted Root Vegetables with a Raisin Chutney, naan, rice, fish and salad.  It was quite a feast!  I can’t believe I didn’t get pictures.

Tonight I will be headed to a Fund Schools First rally at one of the local high schools.  One of my former students will be speaking about how much we did to help him graduate and how the potential budget cuts could have such a negative impact on students like him.  His story is amazing and I can’t wait to see him!

Aaaanndd…tomorrow, I head to Folly Beach, SC, for a girls’ weekend of fun in the sun!!!  I cannot wait.  The South Carolina Low Country holds a special place in my heart.  I love Charleston and the entire surrounding area.  I have family there and we take every opportunity to head that way (going back next weekend, too!).  We always say that if we had moved to Charleston instead of Wilmington for our brief beach-living experience, we’d still be there.  Funny where life can take you.

So, I will be offline for the next few days.  I don’t take a computer with me when I travel, so I won’t be able to update the blog, etc.  Look for a recap of the weekend Sunday night, though!  Have a great weekend!

What are your weekend plans?  Are your weeks this crazy busy??

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