Back At’cha After Almost a Full Month Off…

Sunday’s Workouts – swim 30 min., cycle 1.5 hours

Monday’s Workout – cycle 1 hour

Tuesday’s Workout – swim 30 min., cycle cancelled

So here I am!  Betcha thought I had quit on you.  Oh, contra-ire!  April was just a crazy busy month and May has brought a substantial increase in training, so time is scarce.  I could either have continued to blog regularly and ignore my husband and social life…OR, I could temporarily drop the blog.  You see what my choice was.  My apologies!  Promise it’s not personal.

The other reason you haven’t heard much from me is because I have just not been in the kitchen much, hence not a lot of food pictures, which makes a boring blog.  My husband travels often for work and when he’s gone (which was an insane amount in April), I tend to graze and eat random (but healthy!) stuff out of the fridge and pantry.  But I’ve experience a recent resurgence of meal preparation so I feel worthy again with kitchen escapades to share. 🙂

First things first:  a training update.  The P90X moment was short-lived.  I did about two weeks worth of the program and found myself a. slightly annoyed with a few of the workouts and b. experiencing some knee pain.  I think the knee pain is a result of all of the lunges and squats required in the lower body workout as well as the Plyometric workout.  Those two workouts, combined with regular running, swimming, and cycling, seemed to be a recipe for disaster.  I enjoyed the upper body workouts and may resume those at some point.  I just felt like I was already getting the best cardio one can get with the tri training, and to try to add the entire P90X program to what I was already doing all of a sudden seemed like a bad idea.

So my triathlon training continues.  I am swimming 3x a week, cycling 4-5x a week, and running….not nearly enough.  Maybe 2x a week.  I need to step up the running.  I just enjoy the other two so much more!  The recent knee pain has given me an excuse to not run as much as I should be.  So my trainer suggested last night that I do some foam rolling on my legs after cycling.  I did.  It hurt.  Badly.  My IT bands were so tight.  I had to really breathe through it and work those sore spots.  I will say that things are better today.  And it might not be such a bad thing that cycle was cancelled tonight.  😉

On to recent eats!

Dinner last night was Baja Chicken Tacos.  The recipe originally called for fish instead of chicken but there was not a good selection of mild white fish at the grocery, so chicken it became.  Delish, as always.  This is one of our favorite meals.

Breakfast this morning was an egg, cheese, and spinach sandwich on an Arnold Sandwich Thin.  Hooray for protein!  I’ve been really conscious lately of the need to keep protein levels high in my diet due to all the training I’m doing.

Lunch was left over Chana Masala, another protein-laden, meat-free meal.  Served over brown basmati rice.  We hosted a dinner party this past Sunday night (it was the Survivor finale!) and the menu was Indian.  I wish I had taken pictures of all the beautiful Indian food everyone contributed.  This was the dish I made so it’s all I have pictures of.  😦

I made a smoothie for an afternoon snack.  Into the bowl went strawberries, blueberries, 1/2 a banana, a handful of spinach, a scoop of vanilla protein powder, almond milk, and ice.  So yummy and not too sweet.  A note on almond milk:  I have recently switched from skim/1% cow’s milk to almond.  I love the difference!  It’s just as high in calcium and lower in fat and calories.  Read about the benefits of almond milk here.

Finally, dinner tonight was grilled turkey burgers, kale chips (recipe in side bar), and grilled purple cabbage.  This was such a fun meal and looked so pretty on the plate!  I really felt like I was getting a great variety of vitamins and nutrients based on all the different colors on display.

Whew!  What a recap!  I will wrap it up for now.  It’s been a busy, fun month, and there was a lot to share!  Oh, one thing I almost left out – those spring pants are fitting again.  😉

Stay tuned for more regular updates from here on out!  Thanks for reading!  Comments/questions welcome!

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