Memorial Weekend Recap + Training Highs and Lows

Friday:  REST

Saturday:  run – 3.5 miles?

Sunday:  recover 😉 (not from running)

Monday – swim – 15 minutes?

I wish I could say this was my view as I type, but the laptop died shortly after I got started on my last post – which was, in fact, as I sat looking out at this view.  And I couldn’t find the plug.  So, this post is now coming from the sad, un-sunny, un-waterfront locale that is my home.  Sigh.  It was a great weekend with perfect weather, delicious food, and amazing company.

Quick recap of workouts over the weekend:

I got up Saturday morning and knocked out a relatively easy 3.5 miles.  I love running at the lake – something about the change of scenery kind of recharges me.  The area around the lake house has some good hills, too, and there was hardly any traffic.  It made for a nice run.  It was hot, though!  I was glad to be finished by 9:00 or so – the sun was getting high and it was really humid.

Sunday…well, Sunday was just Sunday.  I had planned to cycle but didn’t get up as early as I intended and the morning just got away from me.  Instead, I spent the day sitting on the dock in the sun and floating in the water on a raft.  No complaints here.

Monday was my planned lake swim.  I was up literally at the crack of dawn with anticipation.  I tried to roust my spotter (that would be my sleeping husband) to no avail.  I was told to come back in an hour.  So I paced around, ate a banana, and watched the clock.  After an hour and some gentle prodding, we were down on the dock.  My plan was to swim across the cove and back – probably about 1/2 a mile, maybe less – accompanied by Joe in the boat beside me in case I had any trouble and as a visual indicator of a swimmer in the water for other boat traffic.  A grand plan.  Then, the boat wouldn’t start.  😯  At this point, I had been ready to swim for about an hour and a half and I was out of patience.  Joe thought the engine was just flooded with fuel and if we waited 30 minutes, it would crank.  But I was not waiting another 30 minutes.  So I set off by myself, swimming parallel to the shoreline instead of across the lake.  I set my sights on a boat dock that seemed equidistant to what I had originally planned and plowed on.  Then my brain took over.  I made it about halfway and completely psyched myself out over being alone in the water, so I turned around.  I don’t know if it was a silly fear or a justified one, but regardless, I was done.  Perfect example, again, of mind over matter.  My mind completely ruled me on that one, but not necessarily in a good way.  As capable as our minds are of pushing us forward, they are just as capable of holding us back.  I experienced that yesterday and was really frustrated.  There are definitely highs and lows associated with all training.

Moving on.  Food this weekend was potluck style – we grilled meats and everyone contributed sides.  I have no pictures of the actual food, but I will need to get recipes and post them because it was all SO GOOD.  I made a fresh corn salad that was perfect for an early summer weekend.  It called for fresh basil as one of the ingredients, and I LOVE basil.

It also called for red onion.  This was one of the strongest red onions I have ever chopped.  I had tears streaming down my face and had to walk away several times.  Finally I went and got my swimming goggles and put them on to complete the job.  😀  Silly but it worked!

Dinner both nights was a wonderful gathering around the table(s) full of lively conversation with dear friends.  We could have eaten cardboard and it still would have been special.  Instead, we feasted on things like grilled pork tenderloin, steak, hamburger, fish, soba noodle vegetable salad, zucchini and summer squash gratin (with veggies from cook’s garden – yum), cole slaw, Southern baked beans, green salad…the list goes on.  We snacked on boiled peanuts and watermelon during the day.  It was a perfect Memorial Day weekend.

Off to the start of a four-day work week!  Have a great one and thanks for reading!

What did you do for the holiday weekend?  How did you continue your workouts if you were in a different place than usual?    

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