Six Al Fresco Meals and All Three Varieties of Activity

Just have to brag for a second about where I’ve spent the majority of my weekend… 😛

Friday: REST

Saturday’s Workouts:  swim – 30 min, cycle – 1 hour

Sunday’s Workouts:  run 4.3 miles + .5 (?), swim 150 meters, cycle 2 miles (?)

The additional workouts on Sunday are in reference to the transition clinic I participated in for the Tri Club.  We did a short segment of each discipline in order to practice transitioning between each.

It made it all seem so real!  It really hit me today that I will be completing my first triathlon in about one month.  I definitely got the butterflies as I fumbled around the mock transition area after my swim and after my bike, trying to get started on the next leg as quickly as possible.  I can accept the fact that my transitions will be slow this first time around and that’s OK, but I know it will be stressful and frustrating on race day to have that slow me down.

The other realization I had today is that I am ill-prepared for the run.  I have spent too much time biking and swimming and not enough running.  I am thinking I might really drop back on one of those (biking?) over the next month and focus on running.  While there were only five of us running today, I was definitely the slowest.  Admittedly, part of it was the heat – I ran this morning at 7 AM and had a great run – knocked out over four miles with relative ease in the sub-65 degree temps.  Switch that to 85+ degrees and I’m worthless, as was clearly illustrated this afternoon.  Luckily, the triathlon will be in the morning, but in July, so the possibility that the temps will be warm is likely.  My upcoming week at the beach will hopefully help with acclimating me to running in warm, humid weather.

Let’s look at some recent eats!

Breakfast Friday was my renewed usual Shredded Wheat ‘n Bran with fresh blueberries, unpictured ’cause you’ve seen it a hundred times.

I snacked on a peach Fage Greek yogurt with granola.

Lunch was a turkey, Muenster cheese and avocado sandwich on an Everything Bagel thin.

Dinner Friday was courtesy of 12 Bones Smokehouse, of recent Obama fame and the best bbq and sides I have ever been privileged enough to taste.  I unfortunately have no pictures, as it was at a friend’s party (catered) and I just didn’t think to bring the camera.  I know, I know, bad blogger.  😳  Anyway, it was a fun evening of BBQ, sides, ice cream cake (which I somehow had the willpower to completely skip – albeit after stuffing myself with multiple helpings of bbq and mac ‘n cheese…), and The Michael Jackson Experience on Wii.  Fun stuff – really wish I had my camera!!

Breakfast Saturday morning continued the theme of avocado and bagel thins, but this time with egg as the protein instead of turkey.

I went to the City Market after my swim and cycle and came home with a haul of spinach, broccoli, and a loaf of whole wheat bread, all locally grown/made.  So…lunch was an open-faced sandwich with Farm & Sparrow Economy Whole Wheat bread, local spinach, leftover rotisserie chicken, and melty Muenster cheese.  YUM.

Dinner was cheese ravioli with Joe’s home made red sauce; a huge salad with the local spinach, red onion, avocado, tomato, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, and gorganzola cheese, topped with home made balsamic vinaigrette; and a buttered slice of the bread I brought home.  Oh, and the requisite glass of red wine.  😉

I fueled for my run this morning with half of a Peanut Butter Cookie LaraBar.  I have to say, this is not my favorite variety of these bars, hence eating only half.  I couldn’t stomach the whole thing.  It was very dense and dry.  Following my run, I ate another egg/cheese/spinach sandwich on a bagel thin with a cup o’ java.  It’s such a nice reward to get your workout out of the way early and come back and relax with food and coffee.

Lunch was another open-faced melt, on the same bread, with a Boca burger, spinach, avocado, and cheddar.  I cannot get enough of these open-faced sandwiches with this delicious artisan bread!!  We usually don’t buy bread because with just two of us, we rarely make it through a loaf before it molds.  I was given the brilliant idea of freezing the loaf I bought at the market (she was quite the sales-person), so half of it is in the freezer and I’m working diligently on the other half.  Should be gone by mid-week at the latest.  😉

Dinner is TBD for tonight – at the moment I am quite enjoying my glass of rose and snack of cheese and crackers.  Something about the late afternoon/early evening in the summertime…it’s my favorite time of day to just relax and mentally re-charge for the week ahead.  Speaking of which:  it’s my LAST WEEK OF WORK before school’s out!!  Whoohooooo!  Get ready for more regular blog updates with more variety of material (hello, time-to-think!) in June and July.

Looks like a much-needed summer storm is rolling in…gotta get off this porch and back inside to start on dinner.  Thanks for reading!  Have a great week!!

Do you have a Sunday afternoon/evening ritual to prepare you for your week ahead?  What do you do to “recharge”?

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2 Responses to Six Al Fresco Meals and All Three Varieties of Activity

  1. Sandra Hendley says:

    When I was still working I would go to a 5 pm yoga class at my gym on Sunday afternoons. It really got me ready to face the week ahead in a peaceful and centered way.
    Enjoy your blog so much, especially the food ideas. Love the almond butter and almond milk!

    • Kat says:

      Hey Sandra!
      I need to pick up some yoga…I’m hoping to add it to my routine this summer. I need to find some classes that I enjoy during a time frame that suits my schedule. I bet it is a wonderful way to center yourself for the workweek.
      Glad you’re enjoying the blog! 🙂 I will be diversifying my topics soon…the tri training has sort of consumed my thoughts lately but I’ll be branching out to a wider spectrum of fitness-related topics after I’ve done it.
      Thanks for commenting!
      Take care,

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