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Lube, Gears, and Flats, Oh My!

Sunday – REST Monday’s Workout – cycle – endurance Tuesday’s Workout – cycle – interval After Saturday’s activities, I felt it was OK to take the day off on Sunday.  I burned 1200+ calories on my ride alone on Saturday … Continue reading

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Apology In Order. Plus, Family Cooking, Return to Workouts, and More.

Monday’s Workout:  cycle – strength  WHOHOOOOOO!!!!!! Yes, I’m back at it.  Went to the Doc this morning and he approved running, cycling, and light weight training.  Still no swimming but I’m just glad to be able to sweat and huff … Continue reading

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Hanging In…One Week to Go

This dreary weekend has brought lots of time indoors doing things I have been putting off for the last four or five beautiful weekends.  And I’m not complaining – I sometimes really appreciate an excuse to just hang inside at … Continue reading

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Working Through It…Acceptance and the Silver Lining that Comes with It

Tuesday’s Workout: walk with Sadie Wednesday’s Workout: hike through the woods with Sadie and Joe Today’s Workout: walk with Sadie OK, OK, I’ve accepted my plight and have decided to embrace it.  🙂  Thanks to a friend with a fresh … Continue reading

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Back to The Grind and Food Yumminess

Sunday’s WorkoutS:  run – 3.5 miles (oops, was just going for 3); cycle – interval Monday’s Workout:  cycle – strength Tuesday’s Workout:  run – 2.6 miles For those of you that are wondering, I have made a miraculous return to … Continue reading

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An Off Week. Back on Track Today.

Wednesday’s Workout: I didn’t get a bike for cycle class 😦 – this, in addition to Survivor night festivities, gave me an (POOR) excuse to not work out Thursday’s Workout: run 2.5+ miles – fartleks Friday:  REST Saturday’s Workout: uh…gettin’ … Continue reading

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Oh Yeah…I Have a Blog! Catching Up, Cycling, and a Pseudo Valentine Dinner

Friday’s Workout:  REST Saturday’s Workout:  long, fast walk w/ dogs and hubby – NOT what was planned 😐 Sunday’s Workout:  20 mile bike ride, rolling hills Monday’s Workout:  cycle – interval So I took some time off blogging this weekend.  … Continue reading

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