Back At’cha After Almost a Full Month Off…

Sunday’s Workouts – swim 30 min., cycle 1.5 hours

Monday’s Workout – cycle 1 hour

Tuesday’s Workout – swim 30 min., cycle cancelled

So here I am!  Betcha thought I had quit on you.  Oh, contra-ire!  April was just a crazy busy month and May has brought a substantial increase in training, so time is scarce.  I could either have continued to blog regularly and ignore my husband and social life…OR, I could temporarily drop the blog.  You see what my choice was.  My apologies!  Promise it’s not personal.

The other reason you haven’t heard much from me is because I have just not been in the kitchen much, hence not a lot of food pictures, which makes a boring blog.  My husband travels often for work and when he’s gone (which was an insane amount in April), I tend to graze and eat random (but healthy!) stuff out of the fridge and pantry.  But I’ve experience a recent resurgence of meal preparation so I feel worthy again with kitchen escapades to share. 🙂

First things first:  a training update.  The P90X moment was short-lived.  I did about two weeks worth of the program and found myself a. slightly annoyed with a few of the workouts and b. experiencing some knee pain.  I think the knee pain is a result of all of the lunges and squats required in the lower body workout as well as the Plyometric workout.  Those two workouts, combined with regular running, swimming, and cycling, seemed to be a recipe for disaster.  I enjoyed the upper body workouts and may resume those at some point.  I just felt like I was already getting the best cardio one can get with the tri training, and to try to add the entire P90X program to what I was already doing all of a sudden seemed like a bad idea.

So my triathlon training continues.  I am swimming 3x a week, cycling 4-5x a week, and running….not nearly enough.  Maybe 2x a week.  I need to step up the running.  I just enjoy the other two so much more!  The recent knee pain has given me an excuse to not run as much as I should be.  So my trainer suggested last night that I do some foam rolling on my legs after cycling.  I did.  It hurt.  Badly.  My IT bands were so tight.  I had to really breathe through it and work those sore spots.  I will say that things are better today.  And it might not be such a bad thing that cycle was cancelled tonight.  😉

On to recent eats!

Dinner last night was Baja Chicken Tacos.  The recipe originally called for fish instead of chicken but there was not a good selection of mild white fish at the grocery, so chicken it became.  Delish, as always.  This is one of our favorite meals.

Breakfast this morning was an egg, cheese, and spinach sandwich on an Arnold Sandwich Thin.  Hooray for protein!  I’ve been really conscious lately of the need to keep protein levels high in my diet due to all the training I’m doing.

Lunch was left over Chana Masala, another protein-laden, meat-free meal.  Served over brown basmati rice.  We hosted a dinner party this past Sunday night (it was the Survivor finale!) and the menu was Indian.  I wish I had taken pictures of all the beautiful Indian food everyone contributed.  This was the dish I made so it’s all I have pictures of.  😦

I made a smoothie for an afternoon snack.  Into the bowl went strawberries, blueberries, 1/2 a banana, a handful of spinach, a scoop of vanilla protein powder, almond milk, and ice.  So yummy and not too sweet.  A note on almond milk:  I have recently switched from skim/1% cow’s milk to almond.  I love the difference!  It’s just as high in calcium and lower in fat and calories.  Read about the benefits of almond milk here.

Finally, dinner tonight was grilled turkey burgers, kale chips (recipe in side bar), and grilled purple cabbage.  This was such a fun meal and looked so pretty on the plate!  I really felt like I was getting a great variety of vitamins and nutrients based on all the different colors on display.

Whew!  What a recap!  I will wrap it up for now.  It’s been a busy, fun month, and there was a lot to share!  Oh, one thing I almost left out – those spring pants are fitting again.  😉

Stay tuned for more regular updates from here on out!  Thanks for reading!  Comments/questions welcome!

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Mountains, Beaches, and Lots of Maxin’ and Relaxin’

Monday’s Workouts:  cycle – interval; P90X – chest and back, abs

Tuesday’s Workouts:  swim – 30 minutes; cycle – strength; P90X – Plyometrics

You may or may not have noticed a couple of things:  1.  I’ve been MIA for about two weeks.  2.  I have added P90X to my training.

Let’s first address the former.  I work in the schools, so I had “Spring Break” last week.  I left on Friday the 8th and didn’t return until this past Sunday evening.  We went to Fort Collins, Colorado to visit some dear friends for the first half of our vacation.  There, we did lots of eating out and hiking in the beautiful surroundings.

On the way up to Arthur’s Rock in Lory State Park just outside of Fort Collins.

Horsetooth Reservoir and Fort Collins viewed from Arthur’s Rock.  It was a great hike with some nice elevation change that got us huffing and puffing – just my style!  🙂

We also visited Rocky Mountain National Park one day and did another great hike there.  That is snow we are standing on.  The majority of our 8 mile hike was on top of about 3 feet of packed snow.  It made for tough footing and lots of extra work for our stabilizer muscles!  We stayed warm despite 40 degree temps and 8000+ feet of elevation.

We also ate and ate and ate.  I did not have my camera with me for any meals…bad blogger!  😳  Our favorite meal was easily the last night we were there at a place called Cafe Vino.  Joe and I ordered a couple of things off their tapas menu to share – Bacon Wrapped Dates and Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppadews.  Then we split the Seared Yellowfin Salad and the Wild Mushroom Spinach Pizza.  I’m happy to say that we did not finish the pizza!  It was all delicious but was so much food!

After we said our goodbyes to our dear hosts, we hopped on a plane and headed back east for the second leg of our trip to….Folly Beach, SC.  Surprise, surprise.  I just can’t get enough of that place!

We were treated to beautiful sunsets and almost deserted beaches each night.

We made up for all of our eating out in Fort Collins with mostly home-cooked meals for our beach stay.  As soon as we got onto the island, we stopped at Crosby Fish and Shrimp and picked up a couple nights’ worth of fresh fish – snapper and flounder.  We grilled the fish both nights and added sides of asparagus one night and yellow squash the otherEverything was so fresh and delicious.  Breakfast was egg sandwiches and fresh fruit each morning, and we made turkey sandwiches for lunch.  We snacked on carrots and hummus and cheese and crackers.  As much as we enjoy eating out, it was a nice change of pace from the restaurant food we ate in Colorado.  I always appreciate fixing my own food – that way I know exactly what’s in it and can keep it healthy. 

I ran on the beach two mornings.  I think I knocked out about four miles each time.  It is so great running on the beach…it’s flat and the scenery can’t be beat!  🙂

Although I did squeeze in some exercise over this vacation, I definitely didn’t stick to my triathlon training.  So now that I’m back, I’m hitting it hard!  Additionally, I acquired P90X over my break and have added that to my repertoire.  I have done two days of it so far and it is TOUGH!  Somehow I thought it would be a good idea to cycle and do plyometrics on the same day, one right after the other.  My legs are pretty much shot right nowBut I feel like it will whip me back into shape quickly.  I can’t lie, as I’ve pulled out my spring wardrobe from last year, I have noticed that clothes are a little tighter than they were before.  Time to take care of that winter layer.  😉  So far I’m enjoying the challenge and can’t wait to see results.  I may or may not post “before and after” pics when it’s all said and done.  We’ll see.  Stay tuned for my experience and progress on that as well as my continued triathlon training!

Well, apologies for lack of food pics and for the extended hiatus.  Life has just become extremely busy lately.  I have been out of town for the last four weekends plus a full week.  I still haven’t folded and put away the laundry from the trip.  I guess I can be glad that I’ve at least washed clothes!?  I am actually looking forward to being at home this weekend to just catch up on life.

I leave you with this parting shot:

Relax.  Watch the waves.  Feel the breeze.  Let your ears blow around a little.  It’s a good day.  🙂

Have a great week!  Will be back at’cha sooner than later, I promise! 

Are you lucky enough to have taken a trip recently?  Where did you go?  How do you maintain your exercise routine when on vacation?

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‘Twas a Breeze.

Friday Workout:  REST – drive to Charleston!

Saturday Workout:  run – 6.2 miles @ Cooper River Bridge Run

Sunday Workout:  REST/recover/sit on beach

Monday Workout:  cycle – strength

Well, I did it!  The Cooper River Bridge Run this year was actually remarkably easy, especially given the lack of training I had leading up to it.  I guess I had myself psyched for a difficult run due to lack of preparation, so I was pleasantly surprised when my effort felt fairly minimal.  The weather was *perfect* and the run was awesome.  That said, my time, while better than in years past, was frustrating.  They did this new “wave start” that had us starting in three-minute increments depending on what we put down for our expected finish time.  I don’t know if the people in my wave just lied about their expectations or if they truly did not know, but I passed way more people than passed me.  Unfortunately, the passing was slow and tedious, and it definitely slowed me down.  There was such a bottleneck as we started up the incline of the bridge that I was able to chat effortlessly with a couple of guys behind me about how badly this sucked. And I wasn’t referring to the hill.  We were just shoulder to shoulder as the less-prepared runners slowed to what felt like a near halt as the terrain changed from flat to incline.  I honestly know that if it weren’t for the crowd, my pace could have easily been sub-9 minute. It’s never been a fast race but this year seemed worse than usual.  Anyway, my pace ended up being 9:28 for a final time of 58:46.  I was also interested to see my stats as compared to others:  I came in 9553 out of 34, 771 finishers…3414 out of 20, 531 females…and 529 out of 2913 women in my age group.  When I think about the fact that if I had been able to increase my pace by another 30 seconds per mile I would have achieved my goal of sub-9 minute miles, I want to kick all the people that slowed me down!  😡

Oh well.  Next year I’ll know better than to line up at the back of my “wave”.  Hrmph.

I honestly don’t have any food pictures for you.  I was just too keyed up to remember to take pictures of my food all weekend.  Meals both nights were home cooked and delicious.  Friday night we had Barefoot Contessa’s Herb Marinated Pork Tenderloin with roasted broccoli and carrots and baked potatoes.  It’s been so long since I had a regular baked potato and I was happy for the excuse to carb-load!  😉  Saturday morning I fueled for the run with a bagel and a banana.  Lunch was a crab cake sandwich at Southend Brewery in downtown Charleston.  It was your typical pub fare but good.  Saturday night we went to my Aunt and Uncle’s and we had another Barefoot Contessa favorite, Turkey Lasagna. Also delish.  Very cheesy and rich – the turkey sausage really balanced out what could have been an overly rich lasagna had the meat been beef or pork.  Sunday morning we were treated to home-made cinnamon raisin rolls, a la Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman.  If you haven’t checked out her blog on my Blogroll to the right, you must!  She is truly Superwoman.

And that pretty much sums up the weekend.  There were of course the few obligatory adult beverages following the run on Saturday…  😉

…and some beach time on Sunday.

Followed by a long, sad drive home.  😦  Must we always leave???

Up and at ’em tomorrow morning for my first uber early swim.  I’ll let y’all know how that goes. Have a great week!

Those of you that ran the Bridge Run this weekend, what did you think of the new start?  Were you frustrated with your time or did you just go with it and enjoy the run (which, by the way, I did!)?

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Elated! And Sore…

Tuesday Workout:  run – 2.4 miles, CSI (back to weight training – yahhooo!  and, I’M SORE)

Wednesday Workout:  cycle – endurance

Thursday Workout:  SWIM!!! 25 minutes

I cannot begin to describe the feelings of elation I experienced this morning as I chugged down the lap lane!  Without having to stop every few yards to adjust a leaking ear plug!  Without an ear plug at all!!  I swam for a full 25 minutes (no, not without hanging on the wall at each end a few times :oops:) without the frustration of constantly worrying about keeping water out of my ear.  It. was. awesome.  I finally feel like I am training for a triathlon.  Granted, I was gasping for air after the first two laps, and it will be like that for some time.  I haven’t been able to really swim for years, and my body and lungs will need to adjust and re-acclimate.  But I know they will.  I had a brief conversation in the locker room afterward with a sweet little (tiny!!!) old lady who was also in the pool as I was.  She was probably over 70 and she probably swam for an hour.  I said “Good morning” and she replied, “It’s always good after swimming.”  I agreed and shared with her that this was my first time back in the lap lanes in quite some time and that my body was wondering what I just did to it, and she laughed and told me that I would get used to it.  She echoed my questioning what I did to my body with the statement, “Yes, I still get in and the first few laps feel like nothing’s working right, but then I settle in and everything just flows.”  Very encouraging and inspiring words from a 70 year old swimming veteran to a 30-something whippersnapper.  🙂  I will carry them with me each time I get in the pool over these next few months.  I will continue to share my swimming progress here – it should be interesting!  Stay tuned!

And now for a few meal recaps from this week:

Breakfast Tuesday was an unremarkable (and unpictured) egg and cheese sandwich.

Lunch was a sandwich with baby greens, provolone, red peppers, sprouts, mashed avocado, and hummus, on Wildflower Bakery‘s Dakota Seed bread.

Dinner Tuesday night was another creation by Joe – Seared Ahi Tuna with roasted carrots and Brussels and brown basmati rice.  I love it when Joe’s in town.  🙂  I am so lucky to have a husband who’s such a good cook!

Breakfast Wednesday was a bowl of fresh strawberries, blueberries, and granola with plain Greek yogurt and honey, accompanied by the last fig bran muffin (recipe in side bar) from the batch I made for the beach trip this past weekend.  And yes, that is melted butter you see on that muffin.  😉

Lunch was a salad with mixed greens, tomato, avocado, red pepper, brown rice, and leftovers off a rotisserie chicken we picked up for dinner Monday night in a crunch.  I love rotisserie chickens – they end up feeding us for days and they are so delicious and flavorful.  They also happen to be a great source of lean protein since they aren’t fried or otherwise “fattened up” with any sauces or other heavy ingredients.

Last night was our night to host Survivor Dinner Club.  We had quite the feast.  Joe prepared a nice, light pasta primavera with broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, squash, zucchini, carrots, and onions.

Others contributed as follows:

Kerry and Rob’s famous spinach balls….

…a yummy bread…

…creamy Italian greens…

…and the moistest, chewiest brownies with strawberries I’ve had in quite a while.  Strawberries are on everyone’s favorites list right now – they were also in the unpictured spinach salad.  Quite a feast!  I am always so thankful to my friends that put so much time and energy into the food they prepare for our gatherings.  Such a treat.

Finally, breakfast this morning was a pre-swim banana, followed by a post-swim egg sandwich with OJ and coffee.  I love my relaxing Thursday mornings!

I also must add how nice it feels to have my workout completed for the day.  If I didn’t normally have to be at work so early, I could totally become a morning workout person.  As it is, I’m going to have to swim one morning a week super-early (like, 5:30 AM!!), but I think I’m going to be able to work it out so that my other swim days aren’t that way.

Well, that about wraps it up.  I need to go get ready for work.  When I come home tonight, I’ll be packing for my weekend in Charleston at the Bridge Run!!  Hope to be back ‘atcha at some point over the weekend to let you know how it went.  Have a great weekend!

Are any of you running in the Bridge Run this weekend?  Good luck if so!


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Vacay! And, Good News!!

Friday – REST (and drive to the beach!!)

Saturday – run 4 – 4.5 miles

Sunday – bike ride on the beach – 7 miles? last 1/2 was sprinting to beat the storm rolling in 🙂

Monday – cycle – interval

The weekend just flew by!!  Time flies when you’re having fun!  We had the best trip to the beach – the weather was sunny and almost 80 degrees on Saturday, and Sunday was cloudy but still fairly warm.

My run Saturday morning was just blissful.  I headed up the road the house was on until it dead-ended, hopped on the beach, ran down to the pier, and then back up the road to the same point I got on the beach before, and ran the beach for a final stretch back to the house.  SO NICE.  It makes me happy to run in new surroundings – it really takes the monotony out of the regular routine.  And did I mention the weather was perfect??  Less than a week and I’ll be back to run the Bridge!  🙂

We had some great meals while we were there.

Friday night we ate at Taco Boy.  It’s a Mexican Cantina-style restaurant with super-fresh, delicious concoctions.  This is the salsa sampler.  My grilled fish and sauteed shrimp taco dinner is unpictured – I was too busy being disappointed in how small the tacos were.  They tasted delicious but were just plain skimpy.  Taco Boy, what’s up??  I left still hungry, which never happens at a Mexican restaurant!

We still had fun.  The mojitos saved the day.  😉

Saturday morning I fueled for my run with 1/2 a banana, then came back and had the rest of it and a fig bran muffin along with coffee for breakfast.

We all brought groceries to share, so lunch was on the deck at the beach house Saturday afternoon.  Poor us.  🙂  I fixed myself a salad with mixed greens, strawberries, tomatoes, and avocado with Annie’s Goddess DressingKashi TLC Fire Roasted Veggie Crackers and Cabot cheese on the side.

Dinner Saturday night was an exception to end all exceptions:  we knowingly decided to eat at a restaurant whose menu was comprised almost entirely of fried seafood.  This is normally not the kind of dining I choose for myself, but this place has won awards and has been written up in several magazines.  Bowen’s Island Restaurant is a tucked away, hidden gem of a dive of Low Country authenticity.  It is known mostly for its oysters, but has other menu items to choose from if oysters aren’t your thing.  Which they are not (mine – I like to shuck them but not eat them).

My plate:  fried whiting, boiled shrimp (they normally came fried but I requested boiled – my futile attempt at having at least one thing that wasn’t fried on my plate), hushpuppies, french fries, slaw, and a crab cake.  I can’t lie:  my stomach hurt all night long after this meal.  But it was good going down with a cold beer!  😉

My girl Kerry took full advantage of the house specialty – steamed oysters.  These are steamed over fire pits down below the restaurant and are shoveled onto old cafeteria trays for serving.  Awesome.  Truly a unique, authentic dining experience.  And did I mention the view??

Gorgeously serene.  The mountains are beautiful but this runs a close second in my heart.

We woke up Sunday morning to a cloudy day but the rain held off.  Breakfast was a bowl of fruit and yogurt with honey and granola, and a fig bran muffin.  Then I got in a good, heart-rate elevating bike ride to work off some of that fried food from the night before.  😳

And then, it was time to say goodbye to the coast.  We stopped and ate an unpictured lunch at Fleet Landing before we hit the road back to the hills.

Finally, I have some great news to share:  I was cleared today by the Doc to start swimming!!!  He says my eardrum has healed “perfectly” and that I should be good to go.  No diving right now and I have to go back to see him in eight weeks.  But I’m ecstatic to be able to return to my regular weight training routine along with beginning the start of my swimming training for the triathlon.  It was apparent this weekend at the beach that I had not been weight training for quite some time.  😳  SO ready to be back at it!!

Well, with that, it’s time for me to hit the sack.  I am absolutely exhausted – I didn’t sleep very well the last two nights.  I’m hoping to “catch up” tonight.  Have a great beginning of the week and thanks for reading!

What kind of food exceptions do you make when you’re on vacation?  Are you going anywhere fun in the next month?

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Spring is Around the Corner…Vegetables Ahead

Monday’s Workout:  cycle – endurance

Tuesday’s Workout:  run – 2.5 miles (+/-)

Wednesday’s Workout:  cycle – strength

Thursday’s Workout:  run – 3 miles

So, did I mention that it’s been a busy week??  It has been difficult to even remember to photograph my food, much less post about my days.  I have been getting my workouts in though, which has been nice since coming back from my medical hiatus.  The running is feeling good…I think I’m going to do fine next weekend at the Bridge Run.  I won’t set any PRs, but I’ll finish and hopefully not too slowly.  😉

I’m home from work for the 2nd half of the day…it’s a Teacher Workday and I had half a trade day I needed to use, so here I am.  It’s probably the only way I am able to squeeze in a post this week.  A brief re-cap of the week:

Breakfasts have been either a bowl of fruit, Greek yogurt, granola, and honey, or….

…a bowl of cereal with fresh fruit and 1% milk.  Nothing too exciting.

Lunches have been salads or leftovers.  This salad was made up of a baby spinach blend, 1/4 of an apple, dried cranberries, gorganzola, and glazed pecans.

I hosted Book Club Tuesday night and made this Spring Vegetable Paella out of Moosewood Restaurant’s Low Fat Favorites cookbook.  It turned out great and was really easy and chock full of seasonal vegetables.  I am so looking forward to spring and summer tailgate markets!!  Asheville is full of them.  We’ve also talked about joining a CSA share (Community Supported Agriculture) this year.  It’s such a great way to get fresh produce and to support your local farmers.  Although I would miss the trips to the tailgate markets.  😉  They are so full of energy and happy people bustling about.  Asheville is lucky in that our tailgate markets feature way more than just vegetables…there are artisan breads, home-made cheeses, pastas, arts and crafts, and fresh seafood driven up from the coast the night before.  You can really get just about anything.  It’s one of my favorite Saturday morning activities in season.

The book club ladies…well, half the book club.  We tend to dwindle pretty regularly. 😉

Wednesday night was Survivor night and the meal was a plethora of yummy Indian food.  I forgot my camera but everything was delicious!!  I told everyone I wanted the recipes…if I get them I will post them.  There was a Veggie Masala, Spicy Cauliflower, Coconut Milk Soaked Roasted Root Vegetables with a Raisin Chutney, naan, rice, fish and salad.  It was quite a feast!  I can’t believe I didn’t get pictures.

Tonight I will be headed to a Fund Schools First rally at one of the local high schools.  One of my former students will be speaking about how much we did to help him graduate and how the potential budget cuts could have such a negative impact on students like him.  His story is amazing and I can’t wait to see him!

Aaaanndd…tomorrow, I head to Folly Beach, SC, for a girls’ weekend of fun in the sun!!!  I cannot wait.  The South Carolina Low Country holds a special place in my heart.  I love Charleston and the entire surrounding area.  I have family there and we take every opportunity to head that way (going back next weekend, too!).  We always say that if we had moved to Charleston instead of Wilmington for our brief beach-living experience, we’d still be there.  Funny where life can take you.

So, I will be offline for the next few days.  I don’t take a computer with me when I travel, so I won’t be able to update the blog, etc.  Look for a recap of the weekend Sunday night, though!  Have a great weekend!

What are your weekend plans?  Are your weeks this crazy busy??

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Lotsa’ Arm Twistin’ Goin’ On…Plus, Go Heels!

Saturday’s Workout:  run – 4.2 miles

Sunday’s Workout:  planned – cycle; actual – rest

Yesterday’s run was actually pretty good.  It was gorgeous outside, which definitely helped, and the temperature was comfortable bordering on warm.  Luckily there was a nice breeze blowing which kept things tolerable.  I wasn’t sure exactly how far I was running as I went – shooting for 3.5 – 4 miles, and I was pleasantly surprised when I clocked it at just over 4.  Granted, I wasn’t pushing myself at all speed-wise…I think I came in right at about a 10 minute mile, but that is fine with me.  I was just happy to have run that distance without any trouble after my two-week break.

Today I totally planned first on a long bike ride, then when the weather forecast looked iffy, at least a cycle class.  Neither happened.  My arm was twisted and I ended up watching basketball and having a couple of beers with Joe and some friends.  And then, it was further twisted to partake in this:

Half a chocolate coconut brownie and a (decaf!) mochacchino from the French Broad Chocolate Lounge.  If you have not been there, GO.  It’s been written up in many food magazines and has really exploded with popularity.  Not only do they offer exquisite house-made chocolate truffles and other sweet treats, they also serve a variety of cafe beverages as well as a wine menu.  What a concept.  It is inexplicably wonderful to step into the ambient brown and light blue lounge and sit and share such delicacies.  We do it maybe every other month.  Not a regular indulgence, which makes it that much better.

Backing up to Saturday’s meals:

Breakfast was oats, Bob’s Red Mill 10-Grain Hot Cereal, blueberries, 1/2 a banana, cinnamon, pinch of salt, a dollop of almond butter and a spoonful of berry preserves, with 1% milk.  I just love this fruity concoction and that it really holds me over until lunch…

..Which I kind of skipped…I fueled for my run with peanut butter and honey spread on a Sandwich Thin, but that was really it until dinner.  Which was fine, because dinner was a delight!  We went to our friends’ for dinner and had a feast.

We started off with a delicious salad with spinach, goat cheese, dried cranberries, and candied pecans (from Georgia, no less!).

Then moved on to kabobs, featuring red bell peppers, onion, pineapple, mushrooms, and either chicken or shrimp.  All grilled to perfection and dressed in a delicious Coconut Marinade that was so full of ingredients I can’t even begin to list them.  Hoping to get the recipe and post it here soon (hint, hint Pam 🙂 – got it, thanks!  Readers, check out links!).

All served over a bed of coconut rice.  My plate.  Yum!  But this was not all…

Between courses, we relaxed around the HUGE bonfire in the back yard…see Pam in pic for size reference…this was shortly after tossing on a dried up Christmas tree.  It did not burn that big the whole time.  After we had relaxed and allowed our bellies to digest some of the meal we had just consumed, this appeared:

Another version of Southern Living’s buttermilk pound cake, this one with Custard Sauce.  I have now had this cake two weekends in a row, two different versions.  And they were both delicious.  I’m a lucky Southern girl!

Breakfast this morning took us back to our traditional Sunday morning meal:

Omelets a la Joe.  🙂  I love when he cooks breakfast.  This omelet featured arugula, black beans, onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, and cheese.  Washed it down with a glass of OJ and a coffee.

Lunch today…eh…definitely not the epitome of “healthy living”.  We shared a couple of appetizers with our beers as we were watching the Carolina game:  chicken wings and single pork ribs in the most amazing balsamic reduction/teryaki sauce ever.  We went back to what’s quickly becoming my favorite neighborhood bar, The Village Wayside.

Dinner was a long-awaited experiment with a recipe out of Jean-Georges Cooking at Home with a 4-Star Chef.  Last week I had earmarked the Scallops and Cauliflower in a Raisin-Caper Sauce as a recipe to try; Joe picked up sea bass at the grocery last week.  So we he subbed in the fish for the scallops and made the dish.  It turned out great.  I think the rich, buttery flavor of the sea bass is similar enough to the flavor of scallops that it just worked.

Accompanied by a salad with arugula, blueberries, gorganzola, and toasted pumpkin seeds.  I had originally planned to use strawberries but when I dug them out of the fruit drawer in the fridge, it was clear they had seen better days.  Note to self: get more at the grocery.

What a great weekend!  And the Heels pulled it out, to top everything off.  Nice, HEELS!!

Time to head off to bed…I have a crazy week ahead.  I will do my best to stay current with the blog but I really do have a lot going on.  It’s another one of those weeks with something going on almost every night.  One of which includes my hosting Book Club – look for that post this week!

Are you a fan of March Madness?  Who’s your team?

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