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Back to The Grind and Food Yumminess

Sunday’s WorkoutS:  run – 3.5 miles (oops, was just going for 3); cycle – interval Monday’s Workout:  cycle – strength Tuesday’s Workout:  run – 2.6 miles For those of you that are wondering, I have made a miraculous return to … Continue reading

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Size Really Does Matter…

Today’s Workout:  cycle – strength (cranking the resistance really high and standing out of the saddle for entire class – or, in true cyclist nomenclature:  climbing) So, tonight in cycle class, while we’re huffing away, dripping sweat, and in general … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle

Since I have been blogging for about one day, most of you would have no way of knowing that I have been forced to take a two-week+ hiatus from my regular workout routine.  This is thanks to 1.) a temporary … Continue reading

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